About Us

Temperate Zone – Tasmania was established in 2003 after taking over the Tasman Gazette newsletter a community publication which covered the Tasman and Forestier Peninsulas in Tasmania’s South East. The newsletter had been produced and distributed by a team of dedicated volunteers for approximately 22 years.

The publication changed ownership in 2003 becoming a private enterprise and immediately changed from its newsletter format to that of a tabloid newspaper focusing on the continuation of providing local community news to the municipality. Over the following six years its success provided the gateway for expansion incorporating into its pages a newspaper for the Sorell municipality. The first edition of the Sorell Times rolled of the press in April 2009, and continues to grow.

In November 2013 came a third publication, The East Coast View, following the success of the Tasman Gazette and Sorell Times it seemed a natural progression to produced a community tabloid for the Glamorgan Spring Bay region covering the area from Buckland through to Bicheno. This move has given not only our advertisers but our readers greater coverage and distribution as all areas are relevant to each other by way of services, history and family lineage providing community links in all three regions.

The combined publications allow us to cover a vast area that incorporates the Tasman Peninsula, Sorell and its surrounding districts as well as close by Clarence municipalities Seven Mile Beach and Richmond in its distribution, the East Coast View then takes over covering the municipality of Glamorgan Spring Bay and now inclusively provides distribution to an area of approximately 4,000 square kilometers.

What started with a meager 500 black and white copies now boasts a print run of 10,000 full colour tabloid copies which are distributed by various means including home delivery via Australia Post.

Temperate Zone – Tasmania has continued to grow at a steady pace over the past 10 and a half years and the publications combined format helps us to ensure longevity for all coverage areas. We understand that it takes time to build each publication and therefore we have patience with each new development we make in our business.

Now in our 11th year, we can proudly say that we have grown from what was a one person operation to a business that now employs local people both directly and indirectly, with some eight freelance writers, graphic designer, bookkeeper, accountant and advertising consultant. We are also at a point where we can give back to our communities sponsoring community events, schools and most recently being able to contribute funds to those affected by the devastating fires of January 2013. Throughout 2013 we are proud to say we have distributed funds including sponsorship advertising of over $20,000 dollars. This is a major contribution from a small enterprise.

We look forward to continuing our relations with all three municipalities and hope you enjoy the community spirit in which these publications are designed to portray.

Gaye Wright – Editor